Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Christmas and New Year

Photo: the gang at the Christmas table

We had a very different Christmas this year. Usually we fly back to Ontario to see family and friends, but this year we decided to remain in Spain, aboard Chinook. We had recently seen 3 out of the 4 boys. Culturally, we reasoned there would be a tremendous amount of stuff for us to see and do. Besides, the climate here in Sevilla has it all over Ontario....

The other sailboats here in the Club Nautico all got together for an International Christmas Day meal planned for 3 p.m. We took a roast leg of lamb and a pavlova desert, the New Zealand thing to do. Also Nanaimo bars: Debbys Canadian chocolate desert. The other Canadian boat, Masala brought the roasted turkey and a salad. The Brits did sausages, roasted potatoes and a plum pudding. The American boat brought a delicious fish soup and a huge salad. Mucho vino was consumed, Xmas music was playing in the background, the weather was warm, everyone had a very nice time and ate heaps and heaps...

Photo: Brian getting first patanque lessons while Debby looks on disinterestedly
We spent New Years Eve quietly on Chinook rather foolishly NOT going downtown Sevilla to see what action was happening. We were woken at midnight with the fireworks, the Spanish LOVE fireworks... went on and on and on....

New Years Day we played patanque with all of the boaters from 4 until 6, then went back to the Belgian boat Pamina for drinks which lasted until 1:30 a.m. An impromptu pot luck meal including another roast leg of lamb which Brian had been cooking for us and pork and potatoes and more Nanaimo bars and mucho mas mas vino....
Brian carving the leg o lamb
while Debby models her Xmas outfit

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